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Welcome to Red Hair Facts, a site designed to help you learn about red hair and dispel numerous myths and misconceptions people have about redheads.

Did you know that less than three percent of the entire world’s population has red hair?

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All About Red Hair

Red is the rarest hair color in the world, occurring on less than three percent of the entire population. Contrary to some beliefs, parents do not have to actually have red hair for their child to get it. Red hair is caused by having two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome pair 16, meaning both parents must carry the gene. There are many stereotypes about red hair, both good and bad. Some people believe that it brings good luck but others, like the ancient Egyptians, believed it brought bad luck. Regardless, red may be the most interesting color for hair in the world.

List of Facts

Tons of interesting things you probably didn’t know!

Genes: What causes red hair?

In order for an child to become a redhead, it must receive two copies of a particular gene.

Myths & Misconceptions

There seems to be hundreds of myths about redheads! Some are funny, some are mean, and some are just ridiculous!

Famous Redheads

Inventors, athletes, movie stars, musicians, artists, and more.


Interesting books that everyone should have!

Fact Vs. Fiction

1. Redhead are/become vampires. Fiction…and fact? In Greek Mythology, redheads were thought to turn into vampires when they died.

2. Redheads are unlucky. Fiction, however ancient Egyptians believed this.

3. Anyone with red hair must be Irish. Fiction

4. Redheads have a temper. Fiction

5. People with red hair can tolerate more pain than others. Fact, not true for everyone though. Link

6. Gingers have no soles. Fiction.

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