Famous Redheads

Famous Redheads

A list of famous people with red hair

Despite just three percent of the population having red hair, there are quite a few famous redheads. Here is a list of some notable men and women with red hair, including actors, artists, kings & queens, and 7 United States presidents!

Famous Redheads - George Washington

Famous Redheads List

Alexander II of Scotland – King of Scotland
Andrew Jackson – Seventh US President
Bella Throne – Actress & Dancer
Benedict Cumberbatch – Actor
Bonnie Wright – Actress
Calvin Coolidge – 30th US President
Catherine of Aragon – Queen of England
Christopher Columbus – Explorer
Chuck Norris – Actor / Badass
Cleopatra – Queen of Egypt
David Bowie – Actor & Musician
Dwight Eisenhower – 34th US President
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Elizabeth of York – Queen of England
Esau – AKA Edom(red), biblical Twin of Jacob
Florence Welch – Singer / Songwriter of Florence + The Machine
Galileo – Astronomer / Physicist / Mathematician
George Bernard Shaw – Author
George Washington – First US President
Prince Harry – son of Princess Diana, Soldier

Henry VIII - King of England
Isabella I – Queen of Spain
John Paul Getty III – Kidnapped, Grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty
King David – Biblical King of the United Kingdom of Israel
Lindsay Lohan – Actress
Louis C.K. – Actorm / Comedian / Director / Producer / Writer
Malcom X – Civil rights activist
Marilyn Monroe – Actress
Mart Twain – Author
Martin Van Buren – Eigth US President
Napoleon Bonaparte – French Emperor
Nicole Kidman – Actress
Otto II – Holy Roman Emperor
Rameses II – Egyptian pharaoh
Rurik – Viking, Rurik Dynasty
Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York
Shaun White – Professional Snowboarder & Skateboarder
Thomas Jefferson – Third US President
Ulysses S. Grant – 18th US President
Vincent Van Gogh – Artist
Vladimir Lenin – Bolshevik leader
Willie Nelson – Singer / Songwriter
Winston Churchill – British prime minister & author
Woody Allen – Filmmaker / Actor


Famous Redheads - Prince Harry

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